Avocado Energy Bars

Avocados can be the centerpiece of a healthy meal or the redemption in an unhealthy one. They are packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals including loads of potassium (sorry banana, we still love you), antioxidants, healthy fats, and the list goes on. 

We love the avocado so much, that we made an energy bar from them. Whether we need energy on the trail, before the gym, or when we are right at the brink of a hangry breakdown Barvocado is the perfectly balanced snack.

Avocado, we salute you. You keep us healthy, happy, and smiling. We hope you feel the same about us!


Coconut Maca


Matcha Moringa


Cacao Sunflower


Reducing Food Waste

Ever have a fridge with some leftovers from here and there and instead of tossing them in the trash, you made a masterpiece? Well you not only did something amazing for your taste buds and stomach, but for the planet as well. You reduced food waste and helped the planet in the process. 


Upcycling Food is the new recycling as far as we are concerned. Instead of tossing the avocado seed aside, we upcycle it! This not only helps reduce food waste but also utilizes the nutrition of the fruit’s core. Or as we like to say: The power of the pit. Despite being about 18 percent of the avocado, the pit hosts more than 70 percent of its antioxidants! 

Doesn’t it make you cringe a bit these days to see plastic not being recycled? Everyone agrees that recycling is the way to go. We say the same for food upcycling.